Creative Journey

My key moments is when I went to Living with building at the Wellcome Collection. This exhibition ispired me to have mindset about the architecture and the design which are built differently in different period of time. For the building in the past, the material that they were using are slightly different from what we are using nowadays. The building in the present most of them are using glasses and iron steel. Then I got an ideas about creating my own exhibition to show the building in the present. I chose SE1 because there is alot of interesting building which I want to display in my exhibition. Tate modern and Palestra building are the building I chose to show in my exhibition because they have the unique construction. For Palestra building, most of the building were made with glasses, but Tate modern was built with some kind of brick and was using less glasses than Palestra building. Thus, in my exhibition will show the different construction between Tate modern and Palestra. All of this plan will be put in a magazine.


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