Postcode Project Outcome

Ultimately, I decided to do an eight editorial for a magazine. In each page of my magazine will included my postcode exhibition I created which are floor plan, interior design, and images of the building. In this project I learn new skill of how to use an adobe indesign, sketchup, photoshop, and illustrator which is very useful and I hope that it will help me doing my work in the future. For primary research I went to chose the location where I wanted to do my exhibition. Then I sketch and take an image of the location I chose which is arches at the elephant road. For secondary research I went to library to look for interior and architecture design book to apply it in my work. In the last process I have used the printing workshop to print out my zine in the A3 heavy weight stock. In my opinion, my work is completely done as what I expected because I do a lot of research which was useful to the outcome. I could improve some of the word or context in my magazine.

These are the detail that is in my zine which included pictures and the design I made.

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