Library Research


These are my library research based on toolbox project. These images included spray painting, architecture, graphic design, media design, and painting. The media design inspire me to look up to the sky and find constellation which could create such a many letters. The pattern and structure of these images are fascinating, They had there own concept which could mean a deep definition. For instance, Spray painting could be a response to the situation in the real world or try to communicate their emotions or feelings, which people do not understand.


  • Richard Author: Charles Keeping
  • Born in the streets: Graffiti
  • Hyperanimation: Robert Russett
  • Light Design Now!: Texts y Dieno
  • Scarves: Nicky Albrechten & Fola Solanke
  • Fashion Photography Next: Magdelene Keaney

Screen Printing and Letter Press

Screen Printing

To create this screen printing, I need to put the image that i want to print out on the machine. Then, mix the color you want to screen print. Always be careful when you use screen printing machine because it’s much heavy than you think try using both of your hand.


  1. Reclaim
  2. Degrease
  3. Coat
  4. Expose
  5. Develop
  6. Retouch
  7. Post-harden
  8. Tape out screen
  9. Fix screen into the bench
  10. Register
  11. Mix ink
  12. Screen Print
  13. Clean up

–  hand out from Screen Printing room

Letter Press

These are letter R and K that i decided to work on because it represent my nick name. I tried many method using angle techniques and scratch paper to make it looks good. To make letter press you need to be precise about the position of the letter where you want to placed it.


  1. Choose typeface, point size and weight.
  2. Set type using composing stick, move finished lines onto galley. Set upside down and from left to right.
  3. lock up on galley with furniture and magnets.
  4. If letters or blocks don’t print.
  5. Create paste-up of final designed piece using proofs from the hand gallery press.
  6. For printing on precision proofing presses.
  7. Cleaning up.
  8. Distributing type and spacing.


Hello everyone my name is Rocky. In this post I’m gonna tell how do i feel about my first two weeks in LCC.

 So.. I don’t really know anyone in LCC and this is Brandon my first friend we met at the enrollment day.

This is the picture I took while we studied in Library.


These are some pictures while we have some tour around Elephant & Castle.

and this is our guide 🙂 (she really love Pokemon;))

Ultimately, I really enjoy my first two weeks because I have done a lot of projects and activities. For instance, sketching is my favourite activity I have done so far. I hope that learning in this course will help me find out what I really love to do.